Woodcracker® gripper saw and diverse knowledge as a recipe for success: Forestry Company Hemetsberger

Mario Hemetsberger knew early on where his professional path should lead, and at the age of 18, he founded his company “Forestry Company Hemetsberger.” Today, the 25-year-old is very successful with his business, offering a wide range of services such as problematic tree felling, timber harvesting, reforestation, and more.

Mr. Hemetsberger realized as a teenager that the forest was very important to him. He accompanied his grandfather into the woods every day after school and actively helped. Therefore, it was obvious to him that he wanted to turn this passion into his profession. He decided to pursue training as a forestry specialist. After successfully completing his training, he saw a high demand for forestry services and founded his own business in 2016. Currently, he is completing his training as a forestry master to pursue his work with the utmost knowledge.

His range of services now includes problematic tree felling, reforestation, processing storm damage, timber harvesting, wood hauling, mulching, and the maintenance of forest roads and skid trails.

Mario Hemetsberger und die kardanische Greifersäge Woodcracker® CS510 crane

To be prepared for the increasing number of orders, Mr. Hemetsberger expanded his fleet of machines in May 2023. After extensive research and comparing various machines, he decided to go for the cardanic grip saw Woodcracker® CS510 crane from Westtech for attachment to the skidder.

The intended areas of application for the new machine were quickly identified, ranging from biomass production and short rotation harvesting to traffic safety and processing storm damage, with a clear focus on traffic safety.

The excellent production quality of Woodcracker® products and the ability to perform standing removal of tree sections, made possible by sophisticated hydraulic control, ultimately convinced Mr. Hemetsberger. The versatility of the cardanic grip saw impressed him from the beginning. In just one operation, a section of the tree can be removed, shredded, laid down, and if necessary, loaded immediately. This achieves the highest efficiency during work and eliminates the need to switch between different attachments.

The technical refinements also fascinated him, including the automatic chain tensioner that ensures the correct positioning of the saw chain, regardless of whether the machine has just been started or has been in operation for several hours.

Attachment to any standard crane is possible, requiring only a double-acting hydraulic connection.

Mr. Hemetsberger now uses his Woodcracker® CS510 crane several times a week and describes the machine as indispensable.