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Woodcracker TK

The attachment coupler for harvester, telescopic handler and re-handling excavator. Producer-independent attachable.

Key facts

  • Rapid change system
  • Enables upright removal of trees
  • Various mounting options to commercial machines

Application Areas

  • As connection point for harvester, telescopic-handlers, re-handling excavators with cardanic suspension.
  • For Woodcracker® forestry machines, eg. C / CL / CB / W and Mulcher.
  • For all other rigid mounted excavator attachments, e. g. excavator shovels, forest mulchers etc.
Tilt range (degree)max. 160
Weight (kg)as of 380
Recommended pump flow capacity (l/min.)40 – 60
Recommended operating pressure (bar)280
Service weight of carrier vehicle (t)up to 22

Technical modifications and figures are not binding. Subject to changes for reasons of further development.

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