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Woodcracker C
The versatile single grip harvester head for safe harvesting of trees and brush
Woodcracker CB
The flexible cutting head for harvesting shrubs and smaller trees and for landscape maintenance.
Woodcracker CL
The fast cutting head at a fantastic price!
Woodcracker CS
The grapple saw with oscillatingly suspended saw unit for tree fellings due to safety reasons
Woodcracker CS smart
The grip saw for smart attachment to the Roto-Teleloader.
Woodcracker CS compact
The grip saw for smart attachment to excavators.
Woodcracker CS crane
The grip saw for gimbal-mounting on a crane.
Woodcracker L
The compact wood splitter for splitting thick logs.
Woodcracker W
The wood splitting tongs for splitting thick logs
Woodcracker S
The rootstock shears for flush cutting and preparation of rootstocks.
Woodcracker R
The grub shears for harvesting and processing biomass from rootstocks
Woodcracker G
The clearing rake for processing tree cuttings and root material on the forest floor.
The robust wood gripper for collecting, loading, manipulating of tree trunks, branches or brushwood.
Walking Foot
The walking foot for the excavator for walking on slopes.
Woodcracker T
The telescope stage for excavators to increase the reach without any conversion work.

Woodcracker TK
The attachment coupler for harvester, telescopic handler and re-handling excavator
The mower with a blower to cultivate green areas in rough terrain
The excavator-mounted Mulcher for professional landscape maintenance of overgrown greens