Woodcracker C650


Fourteen years ago, the Upper Austrian machinery company Westtech Maschinenbau GmbH introduced the first felling grapple to the market. Technical finesse and in-house know-how led to a product series that sets new standards. But that’s not all! Just in time for Agritechnica 2023, a new flagship is being introduced:

The largest felling grapple to date, the Woodcracker® C650!

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Woodcracker® gripper saw and diverse knowledge as a recipe for success: Forestry Company Hemetsberger

Mario Hemetsberger knew early on where his professional path should lead, and at the age of 18, he founded his company “Forestry Company Hemetsberger.” Today, the 25-year-old is very successful with his business, offering a wide range of services such as problematic tree felling, timber harvesting, reforestation, and more.

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Cardanic attachments from Woodcracker®: Woodcracker® CB150 cardanic cutting head and grip saw Woodcracker® CS510 crane

The service company “Baumpflege Lautenschlager” has been working with forestry machines from Westtech for almost 2 years now. “Our range of services includes everything related to trees,” says Martin Lautenschlager when asked about the main activities of his company. The Woodcracker® CB150 cardanic cutting head and the Woodcracker® CS510 crane grip saw are of great service in increasing efficiency in everyday work and providing more safety during work compared to a lift platform.

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WESTTECH‘s MULCHER – for professional landscape maintenance of overgrown greens

On the To-Do-List of every land owner or contractor is the maintenance of green areas written down from spring to autumn. Green areas must be maintained like arable land – independent of size, location, and the vegetation. Unfortunately, some green areas are not suited for grazing or for mowing because of various reasons. That is the reason, why WESTTECH, a mechanical engineering company in Upper Austria, developed the Mulcher for maintaining overgrown greens.

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For problem tree fellings, reliable partners are needed – like the company “Ihr Baumprofi”

Tree care – tree removal – garden and landscaping – storm damage cleanup – all of this is offered by the company “Ihr Baumprofi”. The company relies on Westtech and the Woodcracker® as strong and reliable partners. The company owner, Josef Höllinger, already owns several Woodcracker® machines: a Woodcracker® CL260 tree shear, a Woodcracker® L700 splitting tongs, two Woodcracker® CS750 smart grip saws, and two articulated grip saws Woodcracker® CS510 crane.

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tree shear c baumschere england

Woodcracker® C | the versatile single grip harvester head

Westtech’s treeshear Woodcracker® C gets produced and improved, for ten years by now. The Woodcracker® C’s successful formula is based on the distinctive features of design, which distinguish the machine from other harvester heads.

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Woodcracker® CL and the various mounting options

The Woodcracker® CL treeshears are in three sizes available. They are not only in the application versatile but also convince with different mounting options. Thanks to their versatility the treeshears are popular among gardeners, private forest owners, forestry and agricultural contractors and professional municipal landscape cultivators.

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Woodcracker® CS510 crane grapple saw in poplar short rotation on a timber trailer

The Woodcracker® CS510 crane grapple saw from the Upper Austrian forestry machine manufacturer Westtech was attached to a timber trailer belonging to the contractor “Holzschlägerungen Summereder” for this application. The task for Roman Summereder was to fell and clear 1.2ha of poplars in short rotation.

From a single copy to an international hit: The Woodcracker Story

Machines with the extra something are the profession of Werner Steininger, whose success story started with a single machine for personal use: The young engineer designed and built wood splitting tongs for his parent’s farm. This unprecedented machine delighted with efficiency and easy handling even demanding commercial user. After growing demand, he founded the company Westtech Maschinenbau and named his “baby” Woodcracker®. Today the very resilient machines are sold from Upper Austria, over New Zealand, South America to the Siberian Taiga.

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Woodcracker® News at the Forexpo exhibition 2021

Westtech presented it’s winner of the price “Machine of the year” in the division “Forestry attachments” at the exhibition Forexpo at the end of September 2021 in France. The magazine Le Bois International executed the mentioned award “machine of the year 2021”.

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