The grub shears for harvesting and processing biomass from rootstocks.


Clever designed and made of high-strength Hardox® steel.


The purpose-built sword cuts sturdy rootstock material.


Removing and break-up of root material in one work step.


Cutting force up to 65 tons.
Robust cutting unit, low-wear and low-service. Reinforced sidewalls.

Application Areas

  • Removal of the entire root stock from the ground
  • Chipping the root stock for further processing by using a shredder
  • Reduction of the transport volume through pre-chipping
  • Large-scale recultivation measures
  • Cleaning the ground to let the plant inventory regrow

Alternative: Woodcracker® Ripper Tooth

  • Fast and cost-efficient ripper tooth.
  • For temporary use.
  • Available in two sizes.

Key Facts

  • Careful removal of the rootstock from the soil without any damage.
  • “Through additional biomass mobilisation, another source of revenue is generated for the forestry business”
  • Available in different sizes for the appropriate carrier vehicle.
  • Made of high-strength Hardox® steel.
  • Robust and proven technology, low-wear and low-service.
  • Plug-and-play connection.