Woodcracker C

The efficient cutting head for harvesting trees and bushes.

The flexible cutting head for the harvest of bushes and small trees as well as for landscaping

The swift and light weighted cutting head for agricultural use

The grapple saw with oscillatingly suspended saw unit for tree fellings due to safety reasons.

The grapple saw for intelligent attachment to roto-telehandlers or excavators.

Application Areas

  • Conventional harvest of trees and bushes
  • Harvest of short rotation plantations
  • In rough terrain, hill areas and in bog areas
  • Maintenance along traffic roads and routes
  • Large-scale harvest of forest areas
  • Problematic tree felling
  • Cultivation and landscape maintenance
Key Facts C


  • Various installation options to conventional carrier vehicles, e.g. excavators
  • Low-service and low-wear due to special cutting system
  • Sturdy cutting mechanism, easily replaceable blade
  • Easy-to-operate due to user-friendly controls
  • Multigrip-controller and autospeed system for high efficiency and economic fuel consumption
  • Collection function enables expanded harvest process
  • Bundled, ordered storage of the harvested material
  • Clean cutting surface of hardwoods and softwoods
  • Vertical removal of the tree – no damage to the trees and objects nearby.
  • Soil-protective harvest due to the use of an excavator
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Technical Data

C 250C 350C 450C 550
Cutting diametre soft wood (mm)300400500600
Cutting diametre hard wood (mm)280350450550
Gripper opening (mm)930143016001600
Diametre of shears (mm)450700800900
Weight (Base – Full equipment) (kg)580-9701150-16201760-23502000-2620
Recommended pump flow capacity * (l/min.)50-10070-15080-160100-190
Recommended pump flow capacity (optional functions) * (l/min.)35-5045-6045-6050-70
Recommended operating pressure (bar)280280280280
Service weight carrier vehicle ** (t)7-1514-2020-2524-30
Optional: Autospeed
Optional: Cylinder swivel mechanism■ 2 x 48°■ 2 x 48°■ 2 x 48°■ 2 x 48°
Optional: Tiltator■ endlessly rotatable■ endlessly rotatable■ endlessly rotatable■ endlessly rotatable
Optional: Power Tiltator■ endlessly rotatable■ endlessly rotatable■ endlessly rotatable
Optional: Collector

■ Available | – Not available
* Depending on operating mode or equipment. | ** Depending on specifications of the operation vehicle.
Technical modifications and figures are not binding. Subject to changes for reasons of further development.

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