Cardanic attachments from Woodcracker®: Woodcracker® CB150 cardanic cutting head and grip saw Woodcracker® CS510 crane

The service company “Baumpflege Lautenschlager” has been working with forestry machines from Westtech for almost 2 years now. “Our range of services includes everything related to trees,” says Martin Lautenschlager when asked about the main activities of his company. The Woodcracker® CB150 cardanic cutting head and the Woodcracker® CS510 crane grip saw are of great service in increasing efficiency in everyday work and providing more safety during work compared to a lift platform.

“Baumpflege Lautenschlager” is located in Nittenau, Bavaria, Germany, and is led by Martin Lautenschlager, with his wife actively contributing as well. The main tasks include tree care and the removal of problematic trees, as well as tree inspections, logging, stump milling, and forest thinning.

During a machine demonstration for Pfanzelt Maschinenbau, Mr. Lautenschlager had the opportunity to work with Woodcracker® machines for the first time, mounted on a PM Trac, and was immediately impressed. The chosen carrier vehicle, a PM Trac, had already been used in the company, and in combination with the cardanic grip saw and cutting head, Mr. Lautenschlager was completely convinced.

The grip saw Woodcracker® CS510 crane is designed for attachment to a crane, excavator, or telehandler. It can be attached to any standard crane, such as wood/recycling or loading cranes. When attached to the crane, the grip saw can be used for special tree removals and traffic safety. Thanks to the sophisticated hydraulic control, removal of standing tree sections is possible.

The machine impresses with some technical refinements: despite its low weight, it cuts a diameter of up to 540mm. An automatic chain tensioner is installed in the saw box, ensuring the correct tension of the saw chain whether the machine is just starting or has been in operation for several hours. This prevents work interruptions due to a jumping chain. The grip saw is robust and user-friendly, with no additional hydraulic connection required for standard functions. Various rotators or a quick coupler are available as options.

The Woodcracker® CB150 cardanic cutting head is also part of the machine lineup at “Baumpflege Lautenschlager.” This machine is used for harvesting shrubs and smaller trees, as well as landscape maintenance. It was designed with a special cutting system to make it low-maintenance and wear-resistant, allowing for new plant growth due to a clean cutting surface. The cutting head cuts diameters in softwood up to 150mm and in hardwood up to 120mm. It is particularly agile and flexible, making it ideal for maintenance tasks as it can easily maneuver between branches.

It was important to Mr. Lautenschlager that both Woodcracker® attachments are compatible with the PM-Trac and can be mounted using a quick coupler. The use of a quick coupler minimizes setup times on construction sites, allowing for a quick switch between machines within minutes!

The use of Woodcracker® machines from Westtech has significantly increased efficiency and safety for workers at “Baumpflege Lautenschlager.” Cutting, lifting, and loading can now be accomplished in a single step and by a single person.