Independent and safe with the splitting tongs Woodcracker® W820

Christoph Haider supervises a wood chip-system in the city where he is living and used for wood chips production more than one machine and needed two other helper. Thanks to his new splitting tongs Woodcracker® W820 on a telescopic handler he is faster, safer and can work independently!

Christoph Haider is part of an operating company for a woodchip biomass-based local heating system in his city. For supervising the system, especially the wood chip manipulation, he bought a Kramer 2506 with 4,8t deadweight and a 2m3 shovel in the year 2016.

Previously the wood and tree trunks got split by hand to dry the material and to reach a higher energy density. Therefore, the workers had to lift the heavy material with a telescopic handler to an old Posch splitter. This process required three people at least. The pre-slit and chopped material get processed into woodchips. About four times a year a wood chipper comes additionally, equipped with big splitting tongs. This was the moment when Christoph Haider saw a Woodcracker® W1350 on a big wood chipper for the first time and was immediately intrigued.

For quite some time Mister Haider asked himself, if there was a better way to make wood chips. He promised himself to find a better solution for this dragging process. He had a clear vision in mind: it should only take one person, one splitter, one telescopic handler and one tractor. He very quickly settled for a wood splitter Woodcracker® W820, attached to his telescopic handler.

Now he can safely and easily process big trunks, rootstocks and logs from the safety of the driver’s cab. In only one work step he can chop, manipulate and load, since he can use the splitter as well as gripper. The work can be done safer, faster, independent of the weather and without manual work.

The Woodcracker® W splits thick wood trunks with minimal effort. The splitting tongs W820 has a tong opening up to 820mm and weighs about 360kg. Additionally, you can get the Woodcracker® W with a rotator which allows an endlessly rotation and highest flexibility.

Like all Woodcracker® machines this one is also made out of high-strength Hardox® steel, low-wear and low-service with a proven technology. The wood splitter is very durable and resilient thanks to the cathodic dip-coating and powder coating.

Haider’s résumé: “I have used the machine for one week now and the biggest trunk got already split at the delivery day. The machine delivers what it promises!”

The combination of telescopic handler and wood splitter is the best solution for his usage. He was afraid the telescopic handler would stagnate, but it hasn’t parked even one week since he got it. Haider expects the same for the Woodcracker®: “There are no other wood splitting tongs around, but lots of people need one. We will have lots of jobs!“