Splitting wood with Woodcracker® for a natural drying process

Dried wood chips have a higher heating value than fresh wood and improve the efficiency and life span of the wood chip heating system. By splitting the wood trunks, the processing gets easier and the wood can dry naturally before getting chipped.

Right after harvesting, wood has a water content in between 50 and 60 percent. To be able to use it in a wood chip heating system efficiently and low in emissions, it is recommended that the wood chips have a water content between 20 and 30 percent, depending on the heating system.

By using dried wood chips, not only the life span of the oven is extended but the amount of wood chips needed is reduced. This results into a reduction of storage space and fewer problems during the storage, like mold.

An affordable possibility to dry wood naturally is to simply air dry it outdoors. Therefore, the wood is split into smaller parts. The resulting bigger surface of the wood can emit more water to the air and the wood dries faster. Furthermore, recently harvested wood is easier to split.

An appropriate storage place is crucial for drying. Therefore, a sunny space should be chosen, a place with just the right amount of windiness and a dry surface. The wood trunks should be stacked on a rack. The wet air can sink to the floor and drain out thus even the trunks right at the bottom can dry. The pile should be covered with a tarp on the top with free remaining front and back so the air can circulate.

The best choice is a place where the logs are getting processed to avoid unnecessary transport. With the splitting tongs Woodcracker® W the logs can be split and loaded in one step. It is available in 4 different sizes and gets attached to carrier vehicles with a service weight from 6 to 30 tons.

The whole Woodcracker® W series is made of high-strength Hardox® steel and is low in maintenance and sturdy. The different sizes of this series feature a splitting force from 26 to 50 tons at 240 bar or 320 bar.

The compact Woodcracker® L is used semi-stationary on forwarders, wood cranes or on wood chippers. This version gets delivered with a pedestal.

This Woodcracker® can be used in all harvest and processing methods of strong wood and is available in 4 different sizes. This wood splitter is also made of high-strength Hardox® steel and is sturdy and low in maintenance. The splitting force is in between 14 and 33 tons.

Thanks to the usage of a Woodcracker® L or Woodcracker® W splitting of wood is possible with minimal effort. After the drying process the wood’s water content is lower and it’s ideal for getting used in wood chip heating systems.