Clearing Rake Woodcracker® G combs the ground

The clearing rake Woodcracker® G slides through the soil like a comb through fine hair and serves additionally as a log grapple due to its strong gripper fingers.

Proven technology with new features

The Woodcracker® G was designed for forest care and landscape maintenance, like the removal of small rootstocks. The rake gathers remaining brushwood and branches as well as rootage. As every Woodcracker machine, it is attachable to various carrier vehicles due to the standardized quick-change system. The Westtech team developed three machine sizes from 85 to 165cm working width to cover a range of application. Depending on the size the machine has five or six teeth. The shape resembles an excavator bucket in order to grasp and manipulate large amounts of material.

High-strength steel teeth don’t need to be replaced

Woodcracker is globally known for resilient forest machines. The brush rake Woodcracker® G is equally robust and made of high-strength, low-wear Hardox® steel. Therefor there is no need for replaceable teeth as it is common among other brush rake products. The risk of losing a tooth and thereby damaging other machines is too high. On the other hand, it is very unlikely that the teeth of the Woodcracker could actually wear out. Due to this extremely stable construction, also subsoiling can be carried out.

2-in1: clearing rake and log grapple

The Woodcracker® G is very easily operated via the driver’s cab. The strong gripper fingers are operated via the toggle lever and thus enable a larger range of motion. If you close the gripper fingers, they adapt automatically to the collected material. Each finger closes as far as possible. The clearing rake collects debris, brush and loose roots, allowing the dirt or soil to pass through. The material can be easily passed on to a crusher or transporter.

The clearing rake equipped with gripper fingers can also be used as a log grapple. “That was intentionally”, says Westtech technician Andreas Brunmair. “We’ve designed the gripper fingers much bigger as usual, so the fingers and the teeth can be used to pick up tree trunks as well. “As a result, the clearing rake can also be found on timber yards.”

Fine screen add-on

There is an additional fine screen available for the Woodcracker G which can simply be hung on the teeth. The fine rake planes the ground after stump removal and collects even finer material. If larger root stocks need to be removed, the stump cutter Woodcracker R will help.