Woodcracker W1350 in Bulgarien

In operation around the clock: log grapple W1350 W1350 in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian manufacturer of bleached kraft pulp, Svilocel EAD, uses the log grapple Woodcracker W1350 to chop and process wood – a main preparation step for their production.

The company Svilocel EAD is the subsidiary of Svilosa AD, a Bulgarian pulp and paper manufacturer, seated in Svishtov, at the border to Romania. Svilosa AD puts great emphasis on the newest environmental and energy standards in their pulp production and is FSC-certified. The origin and sustainability of the utilised wood is strictly reviewed. Also, when it comes to purchasing equipment, the company relies on quality. That is why they decided to choose a new log grapple from Westtech, the robust and low-wear WOODCRACKER W.

For the production of pulp, Svilocel EAD uses wood from regional tree species like birch, poplars, oaks or acacia, which differ widely from their wood density. They receive wood in the form of tree trunks, which have to be processed to wood chips. The log grapple WOODCRACKER W1350 splits the logs to smaller pieces, that can be easily processed to wood chips. After the first operation, the company draws a conclusion, “The machine performs all night long, three shifts every day. We have more than 30.000 tonnes of oversized material, that needs to be processed with the WOODCRACKER. The experience after the first night tells us, that we can process such amounts easily within a short time.”

The log grapple WOODRACKER W is very low-wear and low-maintenance to fulfill the requirements for such continuous operation and to keep the service time low. Also our distributor Roland Trading Ltd. from Sofia is glad, “The client Svilocel EAD is completely satisfied with the investment!”

More Info: www.westtech.at | www.roland-terex.com