Woodcracker(R) CS580 smart in Polen

Grapple saw WOODCRACKER CS580 smart: Fast tree care in Poland

Polish contractors rely on WOODCRACKER technology for tree care in Poland.

Route maintenance and tree care along power lines, transmission lines and railway routes is getting more and more relevant in Poland, not least because of safety reasons. To be able to manage such services, Polish contractors search for suitable forestry equipment. A dynamic company providing tree care services for railway routes eventually found the perfect match at the Westtech-distributor UTECH from Opole, Poland.

Recently, the Polish contractor expanded his machine park with a grapple saw WOODCRACKER CS580 smart. The rigidly mounted grapple saw cuts the tree in several pieces and removes them in a horizontal position. Therefore, surrounding railway and power lines are not being damaged during forestry work. The grapple saw CS580 cuts tree parts of a diameter up to 58cm. The strong gripper elements are controlled independently from each other and make it possible to cut and drop one tree part after another.  These organized work steps make a fluent and fast work process, that prevents delays especially on traffic routes.

Learn more: WOODCRACKER CS580 | www.utech.pl