Telekinematik Woodcracker

Connection Link for every vehicle – WOODCRACKER TK

The WOODRACKER TK (Telekinematics) enables a rigid mounting of WOODCRACKER cutting heads to harvester, telescopic cranes and rehandling excavators, where so far only pendular suspension was possible.

The so called WOODCRACKER TK is a connection link to harvester, telescopic crane and rehandling excavators. The TK can be attached to all commercially available work machines and connects WOODCRACKER forestry machines but also other attachments. The attachments can be changed very fast with the quick-change system. A further benefit is the removal of trees in an upright position.

Peter Fischbacher – CEO of Fischbacher Holz – also uses the Telekinematics. The forest contractor from Salzburg provides wood harvesting and timber hauling and manages a workshop for forestry equipment. His clients are public institutions, forest owners and farmers, but also operators of ski lifts.

Flexible attachment options

As it is the rule in Salzburg, forestry work takes place in steep ground. Fischbacher cuts the trees with a chain saw and hauls the wood to the forest road with a Woodliner. Afterwards the timber is delimbed and debarked with a harvester head. Up to now, the forest contractor used a pendular suspended harvester head mounted on a mobile excavator. Recently, Fischbacher owns an additional WOODCRACKER C250 with the connection link WOODCRACKER TK. After the first operating hours, Fischbacher discovers with joy, “Using the WOODCRACKER TK, many different attachments can be mounted to the mobile excavator. At the moment we use the wood cutting head C250 to remove wood along from forest roads. Afterwards we simply replace the cutting head with a mulcher.”

High efficiency

Besides WOODCRACKER machines, also other excavator attachments can be mounted on the WOODCRACKER TK, which inreases the efficiency of the carrier vehicle. As a result, the forest contractor can provide very simply many more services. “There are a lot of contractors in this area that provide timber harvesting with a harvester. With the WOODCRACKER C250, I can provide additional tree care services, like for municipal authorities, and stand out from the crowd.”, says Fischbacher.

Westtech made a commitment to develop and produce high-quality wood harvest and wood processing machines, that provide new possibilites in the forest industry. The WOODCRACKER product range reaches from robust wood splitters and wood tongs to massive cutting heads and flexible ground clearing machines. All of them are attachable to various carrier vehicles to increase the efficiency of existing vehicles.