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Woodcracker® C | the versatile single grip harvester head

Westtech’s treeshear Woodcracker® C gets produced and improved, for ten years by now. The Woodcracker® C’s successful formula is based on the distinctive features of design, which distinguish the machine from other harvester heads.

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Woodcracker® CL and the various mounting options

The Woodcracker® CL treeshears are in three sizes available. They are not only in the application versatile but also convince with different mounting options. Thanks to their versatility the treeshears are popular among gardeners, private forest owners, forestry and agricultural contractors and professional municipal landscape cultivators.

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Woodcracker® CS510 crane grapple saw in poplar short rotation on a timber trailer

The Woodcracker® CS510 crane grapple saw from the Upper Austrian forestry machine manufacturer Westtech was attached to a timber trailer belonging to the contractor “Holzschlägerungen Summereder” for this application. The task for Roman Summereder was to fell and clear 1.2ha of poplars in short rotation.