Woodcracker® CL and the various mounting options

The Woodcracker® CL treeshears are in three sizes available. They are not only in the application versatile but also convince with different mounting options. Thanks to their versatility the treeshears are popular among gardeners, private forest owners, forestry and agricultural contractors and professional municipal landscape cultivators.

The treeshear Woodcracker® CL got developed as swift alternative for its big brother, the Woodcracker® C. The treeshear Woodcracker® C is used in the professional department, eg. safety tree fellings, treecare next to streets or for problematic tree felling.

The CL series on the other hand, should enable the fast and uncomplicated employment, eg. for private forest owners, farmers, landscaper and municipal landscape cultivation.

The Woodcracker® CL machines are available in three sizes: Woodcracker® CL190, Woodcracker® CL260 and Woodcracker® CL320.

The smallest cutting head of the series cuts a diameter of 250mm in soft wood and 190mm in hard wood. The middle machine has a cutting diameter of 320mm in soft wood and 260mm in hard wood. The biggest machine of this series, the CL320, reaches a cutting diameter of 400mm in soft wood and 320mm in hard wood.

All Woodcracker® machines are developed, produced and distributed directly by Westtech in Upper Austria.

The CL series machines are made out of high-strength Hardox® steel. By using this special steel extreme sturdiness is reached.

The treeshears get mounted to the carrier vehicle by a Plug-and-Play-system and have many options available.

One of this option is an accumulator. This accumulator is available for all three sizes of the series and is even retrofittable. Another option is the cylinder slewing system. This enables a movement of 40 degrees in both directions for the Woodcracker® CL190. The CL260 and CL320 reach even a movement of 48 degrees in both directions with the cylinder slewing system.

The third option is Autospeed, which is available for all three machine sizes. Autospeed enables higher speed when closing the cutting unit while working with weak wood. Due to the treeshear’s modular construction, a big versatility regarding the application areas is reached.

The required service weights of the carrier vehicles reach from 2.5 tons to 7.5 tons, 6 to 14 tons and 12 to 20 tons.

The machines of the Woodcracker® CL series set themselves apart through especially versatile mounting options to very different carrier vehicles.

The most common carrier vehicle is the excavator.

Another popular carrier vehicle attachment combination is the Woodcracker® mounted on a farm loader. The Woodcracker® CL190 and CL260 are suitable for mounting to a farm loader.



This combination is widely used in the agricultural sector. The CL machines can also be mounted to wheel loader or telehandler, if maximized reach is needed.

Through changing the inclusion on the machine the application on a excavator or loader is possible.

To cover even more possibilities, the CL machines can be mounted to the front-loader of a tractor.

Common inclusions and adapter plates, like a Euro clamp, are available to the particular Woodcracker®.


Due to the many mounting options the application areas couldn’t be more spread. The fast cutting heads can be used from harvesting small trees and bushes, over harvesting in short-rotation plantation, cultivation and landscape maintenance up to agricultural use on a farm loader.