Splitting of timber, why?

Higher calorific value
The existing water, from the wet logs and later the chips, has to vaporize from the wooden pieces before burning in the heater. The calorific value drops significant with this process. If the logs are split and dried from 50 % to 25 % moisture, then the heating value rises about 60 %!!!

Lower exhaust pollution
The comparison of the exhaust emissions and the remaining ashes shows significant improvement in the use of dried wood.

Too wet wood creates the following problems:
grow of mould – health hazard, allergic reactions
warming up
start of composting – loss of energy, loss of material

Lifetime of the boiler:
With too much moisture in the chips, there is corrosion on the boiler inside, especially with half power (take off). The manufacturer of the boiler denied take over any warranty in the case, that the moistureness is not following the Austrian Standards Organization Ö-NORM 7133.

Saving of resources
Because of the higher caloric value of the dry chips, the volume of the required chips is reduced. As well it means less transport weight with approx. 50 % less. This reduces the complete cost for the transport.

International climate control – reduction of the CO2 emission
To have the most effective climate protection a combination of the different measures is required. But most important is the substitution of the fossil fuels. The use of biomass has a Special importance in Austria and Germany. The drying is a huge upgrade of the biomass.

Safe the sun energy from the summer for the cold winter times
In wintertime we have the highest requirement for energy, but the lowest availability of water energy because the snow is waiting on the mountains for skiing, let’s hope. Exact in this time all the heaters are working, requiring lots of energy and exact now we can use the stored energy from the summer.