Woodcracker Best Practice Days in Bad Hersfeld (Germany)

In October 2014, Westtech arranged two Best Practice Days relating to the safe harvest of wood, in cooperation with the public enterprise Hessen-Forst.

Due to road safety measures, numerous trees along the main road in the rural area of Knüllwald (Hesse) had to be removed. For this purpose, the strongly frequented road was blocked for two days. All necessary harvesting had to be carried out and finished during that time.

Mr. Appelt from the public enterprise Hessen-Forst instructed the contractor Grünland GmbH who provided a Liebherr long handle excavator armed with a Woodcracker C450 cutting head.    The sophisticated harvesting technology of Woodcracker met the expectations of all involved parties. Using the cutting heads Woodcracker C350 and C450, the specific trees were harvested safely and stored on a 1 km distance.

At this point, sincere thanks are given to all contributors and visitors of the Best Practice Days.