Working smoothly: With the Woodcracker® CS510 crane grapple saw and the Telestufe T4000

The areas of application for Woodcracker® machines are known to be very diverse, and one of the most important is tree maintenance along traffic routes and corridors. For the preservation and ensuring safety on roads and also railways, trees along traffic routes need to be regularly maintained. This is the only way to prevent, for example, branches from falling onto the roads and causing traffic disruptions.

The company Schieneninfrastruktur Ost-Niedersachsen GmbH (abbreviated as SinON) from Lower Saxony has taken on the task of maintaining corridors. SinON has been a customer of Westtech for some time and has several Woodcracker® machines in operation. The company is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and development of existing infrastructure and has a network of approximately 260km.

To simplify ongoing corridor maintenance, several Woodcracker® machines were purchased: a tree shear Woodcracker® C350, a grapple saw Woodcracker® CS610 compact, and telescopic stage Woodcracker® T4000 with the cardanic grapple saws Woodcracker® CS510 crane.

Two excavators are used as carrier vehicles, an Atlas 1604ZW weighing 23 tons and a CAT M323F weighing 27 tons. These two excavators work exclusively from the rails and thus maintain the surrounding trees. The cardanic grapple saw is attached to the Telestufe, allowing a working range of up to 13.8m. In comparison, the range without the Telestufe from both excavators is only 7.5m.

The Woodcracker® CS510 crane grapple saw offers a cutting diameter of 54cm and a grip opening of 127cm. Depending on the equipment, the weight is 370kg, and the saw chain is lubricated with oil. The saw chain is also kept at the correct tension by the automatic chain tensioner. Thanks to the sophisticated hydraulic control of the grapple saw, it is possible to remove sections of the tree vertically. This feature makes the Woodcracker® CS510 crane ideal for SinON’s tasks and the maintenance of traffic routes and corridors.

The combination with the telescopic stage Woodcracker® T4000 enables a very high reach without the need for modifications to the excavator. This is particularly ideal for work along railways. The weight of the telescopic stage including double pendulum brake and rotator is 790kg. The maximum load capacity is 2500kg when retracted and 1550kg when extended.

Thanks to the optional quick coupler QC10, a lightning-fast change between various attachments is possible. This allows attachments such as clamshell grabs, timber grabs, or the Woodcracker® CB150 crane cutting head for shrub material and weak wood to be easily and quickly attached for universal use.

SinON relies on Woodcracker® machines in its daily work routine and knows their reliability and robustness.