Outstanding performance of Westtech Woodcracker at KWF Expo in Roding (Germany)

Westtech presented a wide range of their Woodcracker® forestry equipment for safe wood harvest and biomass processing at this year’s 17th KWF Expo in Roding, Bavaria. Leia mais

Westtech-Days – 10 Years Westtech

In perfect summer weather, the 10th anniversary of Westtech took place on the 25th and 26th June 2015. Numerous national and international guests accepted the invitation to the merchant’s day on Thursday and to the visitor’s day on Friday. Leia mais

First Woodcracker in use on the Bosporus in Turkey!

Recently, the first Woodcracker harvester was set in operation in cooperation with Westtech trading partner Forsen Machinery Services & Trading Inc., domiciled in Istanbul. Leia mais

Woodcracker – maquina florestal da Westtech

Decorrerá nos dias 8, 9 e 10 de Maio de 2015, a 9.ª edição da EXPOFLORESTAL Leia mais