Working safely and versatilely with Woodcracker® CS610 compact

Felling trees in difficult situations demand the best safety arrangements and powerful machines to rely on. The forestry equipment producer Westtech from Upper Austria developed a versatile grip saw for the intelligent attachment to an excavator with very low net weight, to remove trees fast and unscathed: the Woodcracker® CS610 compact.

The whole Woodcracker® CS series includes grip saws for roto telescopic handler or excavators, which got developed especially for safety tree fellings. The CS610 compact out of this series features low net weight of approximately 900kg, which leads to completely new application areas.



Developed especially for safety tree fellings

The grip saw Woodcracker® CS610 compact qualifies for safety tree fellings due to more than one reason.

The strong gripper holds the tree during cutting securely whereby the tree or parts of it can be removed in an upright position. During the cutting process pressure applies to the gripper, so it can regrab the log if it moves slightly. This additional feature ensures maximum safety during work and makes removing of trees or parts of it in an upright position possible.

The next special feature is the endless rotatable Tiltator (360°), which allows the removing of trees in all angles. Optional there is the possibility for a Power-Tiltator. The Power-Tiltator is even stronger with double torque at same pace.


Saw box with chain saw

Not only the cutting system is special, also the saw box got designed sneakyly for this Woodcracker®. It is gimballed, which prevents the saw bar from bending if outside pressure occurs. Additionally, the saw box can be hydraulically tossed down from the cabin.

Thanks to the chain is being grease lubricated there is no oil fogging and no contamination of the driver cabin windscreen.

The third extraordinary feature is the automatic chain tensioner. It makes sure the chain is under the right tension, no matter how long the machine is in operation.


Versatile application possibilities at safety tree fellings

The Woodcracker® CS610 compact got developed as a lightweight machine for attaching to an excavator and increase the efficiency at the same time. Thanks to many safety features it can be put to use after snow, ice or storm damages, without putting the forestry workers into danger. Its strengths are also shown at tree fellings in urban and residential areas or next to streets, when the number one priority is to preserve integrity of the alongside houses or power poles.




Always be a step ahead – that is the goal the forestry equipment producer WESTTECH Maschinenbau set itself.