Woodcracker® L log splitter with stationary motor – smart solution without carrier vehicle

Our sales partner Forstservice MV rents a Woodcracker® L1200, our biggest horizontal log splitter.

The green care service provider Forstservice MV installed the Woodcracker log splitter with a stationary motor to a hook lift and therefore can use the splitter without any carrier vehicle. This combination of machines is designed for mobile usage or for rent. The Woodcracker L is a strong and robust log splitter for splitting thick trunks. With an opening witdth of 120cm and a force of 33 tons, it is very easy to shred strong trees. The splitted wood can be dried, transported and processed easily. The splitter is made of high-strength Hardox®- steel and is very low in maintenance and service.

With the stationary version, the “Spaltwisent” from Forstservice MV, the log splitter fits optimal into the harvesting process. The cut wood can be shredded, processed and carted off on the spot. There is no need for a carrier vehicle for the operation of the log splitter.

More information on the log splitter Woodcracker® L: https://www.westtech.at/prod/woodcracker-l/

For more information watch the Video!