Woodcracker® L – a wood splitter, more compact and more efficient that it has ever been

Versatile, low-wear and full of power –just a few characteristics of the wood splitter Woodcracker® L.

The wood splitter Woodcracker® L impresses with versatile possible use, it’s diverse mounting options and it’s extremely solid construction. Sophisticated development and profound basic ideas are forming this machine’s master plan, which makes the machine so successful.

As with all Woodcracker® machines there are many mounting options with many carrier vehicles. Mainly you find the Woodcracker® L semi-stational on forwarders, wood cranes or chipping machines. Thanks to the flat design it can be assembled to carrier vehicles.

The attractive price makes an optimal cost/benefit ratio – additional to the different possibilities of usage. The wood splitter is used for splitting thick trunks and can therefore be used in all harvesting and manufacturing processes of large logs.

The splitting of wood enables a natural drying process which leads to a higher energy density in the wood. With the splitter Woodcracker® L is the feeding of a crusher with the split material even easier. Thanks to the mounting option to the excavator the log can be split and loaded in one step.

Operating the wood splitter is user friendly and the machine is low-maintenance and low-wear thanks to the solid and established technique. The basic material is high-tensile Hardox® steel, which gets primed with a cathodic dip coating and is powder-coated afterwards.

“We focussed especially on the bearing to make them as solid as possible. That’s the reason why the wood splitter Woodcracker® L is extremely hardwearing and is particularly resistant against extraneous influences”, says Andreas Brunmair, Westtech technician.

To cover as much application areas as possible the Woodcracker® L is available in four different sizes: L540, L700, L920 and the L1200. The size refers to the opening of the tongs which is 540mm, 700mm, 920mm and 1200 mm. Even thick trunks can be split with the Woodcracker® L effortlessly!

To split the trunks, the trees have to be harvested in the first step. Therefore Westtech’s other products provide a remedy. From grapple saws, cutting trees up to 75cm diameter, over to classic tree shears Woodcracker® C, you will find also a rootstock clearing device Woodcracker® R in the product range and a clearing rake Woodcracker® G. More information: www.westtech.at


  To be a step ahead – that’s the goal the forest technology producer from Upper Austria Westtech Maschinenbau claimed.

Individual customer service is the most important success factor. Every product line is developed through our experienced technician team, always in close collaboration with our customers.

The goal is to extend the product range according to the customer’s demand and the demanded application areas.