Woodcracker® CS750 smart is „machine of the year 2021“ in the division “Forestry attachments”

The magazine Le Bois International executed the award “machine of the year 2021” and Westtech – Woodcracker® got entitled to call themselves winner in the division “forestry attachments”. The grip saw Woodcracker® CS750 smart was the strong contestant and carried off the victory!

The grip saw has been on the market since October 2019 and is a further development of the saw’s smart execution.

The need for a compact grapple saw used mainly for safety tree felling was the base for the development. The saw can cut trees with a trunk diameter up to 75cm.

The Woodcracker® CS750 smart has a deadweight of about 950kg, depending on the features and can be mounted to carrier vehicles with a weight from 15 to 25 tons. The really low deadweight was the main focus during developing to achieve the highest reach possible with the carrier vehicle.

A hydrdaulic chain saw serves as cutting system with automatic chain tensioner and grease lubrication. The actively suspended chassis can be tilted from the driver’s cabin to avoid bending of the saw bar on high force effect.

The grip saw is equipped with an endlessly rotatable Tiltator in series. This enables cutting and gripping of branches and tree parts in all angles and positions. The Tiltator helps additionally with loading and depositing.

Because the strong gripper retains the cut material during cutting, the machine can be used for safety tree felling and problematic tree felling. The gripper encloses the tree part, it gets cut and removed in an upright position. Following the cut tree part can be deposited. Thanks to this work flow the grapple saw qualifies especially for tree fellings in urban areas or for maintenance along traffic roads and routes, when the number one priority must be to not damage e.g. buildings or power poles near the construction site.

A lot of machines can be used as carrier vehicle. The natural choice is the telescopic handler, for its attachment the grapple saw Woodcracker® CS750 smart got developed. The pros for this machine combination are versatile: High trees or treetops can be reached easily with a telescopic handler and can be cut specifically and safely. Along roads the struts can extend differently from each other, in that way a lane remains free for traffic next to the carrier vehicle. The direct and fast drive with a telescopic handler on the road thanks to road legal from one construction site to the other safes a lot of time and hassle.

Bit by bit other long beam carrier vehicle distinguished themselves as suitable carrier vehicles. The Woodcracker® CS750 smart can also be mounted to a loading crane on a truck or a long beam crane.

Lots of customer applications show that long beam carrier vehicles are perfect for tree fellings due to safety reasons. Highest possible reach and safety are essential as well for the forestry staff as for the residents, when removing dead branches or trees, snow-covered branches or storm damage.


The grip saw is also available for excavator mounting, the Woodcracker® CS610 compact. This grip saw has a cutting diameter up to 610mm and is for excavators with a service weight of 15 – 20 tons.


  • Grip saw with a cutting diameter up to 610mm
  • Carrier vehicles from 15 – 25 tons
  • Hydraulic chain saw with automatic chain tensioner and grease lubrication
  • Endlessly rotatable Tiltator
  • For tree fellings due to safety reasons and problematic tree fellings
  • Highest possible safety while working