Treeshear Woodcracker® CL190: constructed for agricultural purposes

Josef Wiesinger is farmer and forester with heart and soul and was looking for a solution to simplify working in the woods after hitting 80 years. He chose a Woodcracker® CL190 which he mounts on his farm loader.

In the middle of November, the proud owner of a new Woodcracker® CL190 welcomed his machine eagerly south-east of the Inn river (Upper Austria). Josef Wiesinger owns a Weidemann 1280 as carrier vehicle and uses this combination of his Weidemann and Woodcracker for thinning in his own forest as well as for jobs in the woods nearby.

The Woodcracker® CL series got constructed especially for agricultural purposes. One of the key properties of this series is the low dead weight, therefore the machines are perfect for mounting to farm loaders.

The application areas reach from fast harvesting of small trees and bushes, harvesting short-rotation plantations, cultivation and landscape maintenance to private forestry owners, forest and agricultural contractors and professionals within urban landscape maintenance.

Josef Wiesinger decided upon a Woodcracker® because of the robust and proven technology to avoid unnecessary dwell time caused by long maintenance repairs. Like almost all other Woodcracker® machines the treeshear Woodcracker® CL190 is made out of Hardox® steel and is low-wear and low-service.

Additionally, is the high-strength blade easily resharpened and resistant and impervious to dirt. However, if it occurs, that you have to change the blade, this will take only minutes.

“I am very happy with my CL190 and I am glad, I decided upon this reliable machine!”, told us Mister Wiesinger proudly.