Speed up on the forest road with Street-Rubbers and WOODRACKER

The application areas for WOODCRACKER forestry machines are versatile, but to a certain extent limited to the flexibility of the carrier vehicle. Therefore Westtech always watches out for carrier vehicles and machines that make rough terrain accessible and enable a faster workflow in the forest. After all, time is money.

Safe with Street-Rubbers

The primary used carrier vehicle for WOODCRACKERs are excavators. Therefore, an exciting cooperation with Street-Rubbers arose. Street-Rubbers are rubberized and street-legal crawler units that combine the benefits of steel chains and wheel drive, especially for wheel excavators. Simply put, maximum traction in terrain but also complete roadworthiness without causing damage to the asphalt. Street-Rubbers broaden the footprint of the wheel excavator and treat the forest ground with care.

Access new application areas

Using Street-Rubbers extents the application for WOODCRACKER forestry machines. Rough terrain or inaccessible slopes are easier to handle. Additionally, no low-loaders are needed for short-distance transportation. An excavator equipped with Street-Rubbers combined with the cutting head WOODCRACKER C turned out to be a beneficial arrangement. Larger quantities of wood can be harvested automatically in a soil-conserving way, especially in places where typically manual work is necessary.