Powerful combination of machines: Woodcracker®-attachments and the mobile rehandling excavator Liebherr LH22

The various attachments from Woodcracker® on a mobile excavator LH22 Industry offer numerous possible applications and a maximum of flexibility whilst working. Tasks in any situation and condition are challenged in no time.

The carrier vehicle, a Liebherr excavator LH22 Industry, impresses with outstanding features. Its design is robust and compact. With a net weight between 19.2 and 21.9 tons and 143 PS, it meets all requirements for the attachment of Woodcracker® machines.

The maximum distance attainable depends on the combination of excavator and attachment:


Combination of machinesReachCutting diameter
1) Excavator LH22 with Woodcracker® C350 10.8m400mm softwood

350mm hardwood

2) Excavator LH22 with arm extension and Woodcracker® C25013.8m330mm softwood

280mm hardwood

3) Excavator LH22 with Woodcracker® telescopic stage and Woodcracker® grapple saw CS510 crane16m540mm

The first combination of machines consists of the excavator with a Woodcracker® C350 tree shear. The efficient felling grapple has various applications, e.g. the harvest of trees and bushes on slopes and along traffic routes. The Woodcracker® C350 is also used for classic extensive harvest of wood.

The tree shear shows many demonstrative features: great cutting volume, a powerful gripper, replaceable blade, and an optional available accumulator to harvest and collect weak wood faster. The maximum cutting diameter is about 400mm for softwood and 350mm for hardwood.

The Woodcracker® C350 with the LH22 has a range of 10.8m. Due to the range and the gripper of the tree shear, it works perfectly to maintain roadsides and to remove trees along the road. The gripper holds the tree firmly during the cutting process.


The Woodcracker® C250 attachment with the LH22 and an arm extension is another useful option. The Woodcracker® C250 tree shear is a slightly more light-weighted version and has a maximum cutting diameter of 300mm for softwood and 280mm for hardwood. This cutting head is also very robust and hard-wearing, like all Woodcracker®. They receive a special cathodic dip coating and powder coating and are made in a highly precise production process from high-strength Hardox® steel. Due to the arm extension, the range can be increased to 13.8m.


The third machine combination on the LH22 consists of the telesopic stage T4000 and the Woodcracker® CS510 grapple saw. The CS510 crane is gimbal-mounted chainsaw unit and works fast with a maximum cutting diameter of 540mm. The recently available telescopic stage increases reach without any changes on the excavator. Various individual attachments can be mounted on the telescopic stage using common quick-change systems. The latest development, the grapple saw CS510, is perfectly suitable to be attached on the telescopic stage. It has a great cutting diameter despite a small net weight and is low-wear and low-maintenance. This machine combination reaches a maximum range of 16m.

As required for various sites, you can choose the ideal machine combination, to be efficient and provide maximum safety for your employees.


Learn more about the Liebherr excavator LH22 Industry on the Liebherr website:  https://www.liebherr.com/de/aut/produkte/umschlagtechnik/mobile-umschlagmaschinen/details/643506.html


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