See new WOODCRACKER machines at KWF-Expo

Westtech presents their new machines at 17th KWF Exhibition from 9. – 12.June.2016 in Bavaria (Germany). The KWF-Tagung is the biggest Forestry Demofair in the world. This is the most important international meeting of the forest sector.  Read more

WOODCRACKER awarded “Accessory Equipment of the Year”

The annual meeting of the business magazine “Baublatt Österreich” took place on January 28th, this year for the first time in a special showplace, the castle “Burg Perchtoldsdorf”. As part of the festive ceremony several prizes for outstanding achievements were awarded to companies. Read more

AGRITECHNICA – The World’s No. 1

As the name suggests, Agritechnica constitutes the world’s largest trade fair for agricultural and forestry technology. Also Westtech presents WOODCRACKER forestry technology at the leading trade fair. Read more

Westtech-Days – 10 Years Westtech

In perfect summer weather, the 10th anniversary of Westtech took place on the 25th and 26th June 2015. Numerous national and international guests accepted the invitation to the merchant’s day on Thursday and to the visitor’s day on Friday. Read more

Woodcracker – Westtech’s Forestry Machines

Asturforesta – the international exhibition for forestry on the Iberian peninsula takes place from 18th to 20th of June 2015, in the forests of Armayán, Tineo, Asturias, Spain. Read more

First Woodcracker in use on the Bosporus in Turkey!

Recently, the first Woodcracker harvester was set in operation in cooperation with Westtech trading partner Forsen Machinery Services & Trading Inc., domiciled in Istanbul. Read more

Woodcracker C550 Operated For Harvesting In South Africa

Eucalyptus trees, having a diameter of 55 to 60 cm, located in a stream bed which is used as flooding zone, were harvested in South Africa. This measure was on the authority of the state of South Africa aiming at an unobstructed spreading of water in case of flood. Although eucalyptus is one of the hardest types of wood, the harvest was successfully conducted by using the tree cutter Woodcracker C550. Read more

Woodcracker“ Put To The Test – Sustainable Biomass Utilization In Namibia

The increasing bush growth represents a growing problem in Namibia, which makes livestock farming difficult and uses up scarce water resources. The conventional manual harvest is hardly applicable due to the extremely hard and prickly bush… Read more

Woodcracker Best Practice Days in Bad Hersfeld (Germany)

In October 2014, Westtech arranged two Best Practice Days relating to the safe harvest of wood, in cooperation with the public enterprise Hessen-Forst. Read more

Splitting of timber, why?

Higher calorific value
The existing water, from the wet logs and later the chips, has to vaporize from the wooden pieces before burning in the heater. The calorific value drops significant with this process. If the logs are split and dried from 50 % to 25 % moisture, then the heating value rises about 60 %!!! Read more