Woodcracker® CS750 smart is „machine of the year 2021“ in the division “Forestry attachments”

The magazine Le Bois International executed the award “machine of the year 2021” and Westtech – Woodcracker® got entitled to call themselves winner in the division “forestry attachments”. The grip saw Woodcracker® CS750 smart was the strong contestant and carried off the victory!

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Westtech and Alpina work hand in hand

In early March this year, two grapple saws Woodcracker® CS750 smart were delivered to two Austrian customers working in local landscape maintenance. The grapple saws were attached to two Manitou telescopic handlers. Therefore, Westtech worked closely with the Manitou-importer for Austria: Alpina Bühnen from Vienna.

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The CL family is growing: WOODCRACKER® CL320

The WOODCRACKER® CL product line features light-weighted and swift machines, which have wide-ranging fields of application due to their low weight. Until now, the CL machines are mounted to carrier vehicles from 2.5 to 14 tons and can cut trees and bushes up to 320mm in diameter. Now Westtech introduces a larger size, that opens new possibilities: the new WOODCRACKER® CL320.

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Treeshear Woodcracker® CL190: constructed for agricultural purposes

Josef Wiesinger is farmer and forester with heart and soul and was looking for a solution to simplify working in the woods after hitting 80 years. He chose a Woodcracker® CL190 which he mounts on his farm loader.

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Working safely and versatilely with Woodcracker® CS610 compact

Felling trees in difficult situations demand the best safety arrangements and powerful machines to rely on. The forestry equipment producer Westtech from Upper Austria developed a versatile grip saw for the intelligent attachment to an excavator with very low net weight, to remove trees fast and unscathed: the Woodcracker® CS610 compact.

The whole Woodcracker® CS series includes grip saws for roto telescopic handler or excavators, which got developed especially for safety tree fellings. The CS610 compact out of this series features low net weight of approximately 900kg, which leads to completely new application areas.


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Woodcracker® L – a wood splitter, more compact and more efficient that it has ever been

Woodcracker® L – a wood splitter, more compact and more efficient that it has ever been   Versatile, low-wear and full of power –just a few characteristics of the wood splitter Woodcracker® L.

Experiencing Woodcracker® first-hand!

Westtech Maschinenbau made a day full of practical experience in an energy forest possible together with Hargassner Heiztechnik. It took place on the 22nd of September 2020 and was held for the HTL Ried’s pupils due to the “forest week” of the 4th grade.

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Splitting wood with Woodcracker® for a natural drying process

Dried wood chips have a higher heating value than fresh wood and improve the efficiency and life span of the wood chip heating system. By splitting the wood trunks, the processing gets easier and the wood can dry naturally before getting chipped.

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Independent and safe with the splitting tongs Woodcracker® W820

Christoph Haider supervises a wood chip-system in the city where he is living and used for wood chips production more than one machine and needed two other helper. Thanks to his new splitting tongs Woodcracker® W820 on a telescopic handler he is faster, safer and can work independently!

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Clearing Rake Woodcracker® G combs the ground

The clearing rake Woodcracker® G slides through the soil like a comb through fine hair and serves additionally as a log grapple due to its strong gripper fingers.

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