Companies rely on Westtech’s innovative technology

Companies rely on Westtech’s innovative technology concerning the tree felling due to safety reasons!

In Germany, Altomünster, is the company J&R Naßl GmbH & Co. KG located and they welcomed a brand-new Woodcracker CS580 smart on a telescopic handler. The Company is specialized in wood chips’ production and landscape maintenance. The Woodcracker CS580 smart does his bit and simplifies this work tremendously. Thanks to its own light weight it is ideal for attaching it to a telescopic handler. The range of application is pretty wide: safe removal of trees in segments, harvest of tree trunks, maintenance work along traffic roads and routes and tree felling due to safety reasons.

The CS580 can also be used for reprocessing already loged trees.

“We are highly pleased by Westtech’s CS580 smart. Everything works perfectly fine!”, told us the manager Johann Naßl.

CS580 already in action at J&R Naßl GmbH & Co KG

Johann Naßl, jun., Rainer Naßl, Johann Naßl, sen., Klaus Stadler (Westtech)

Another machine for tree fellings due to safety reasons is the Woodcracker CS780. Like the one Schuch KG in Mannersdorf (Lower Austria) got. This company is one of Westtech’s longtime customer.

Besides all the clearing machines they have all felling units Westtech is offering including now the CS780. Schuch KG offers among others landscape maintenance and different forestry works. Thanks to the grapple saw with oscillatingly suspended saw unit are tree fellings due to safety reasons, maintenance next to roads and the problem tree felling easier and more professional doable.

Woodcracker CS780 felling a tree due to safety reasons

Gerhard Medwenitsch, Stefan Schuch

Thanks to the trust of all the companies national and international in the Woodcracker products, Westtech is proofing once more that they stand for more than only the production of resilient machines. Austrian quality products and always the most innovative technology feature the Woodcracker machines.

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