Welcome to the world of Woodcracker!

Woodcracker C
The efficient cutting head for harvesting trees and of course also bushes.
Woodcracker CB
The flexible cutting head for the harvest of bushes and small trees as well as for land clearing
Woodcracker CL
Woodcracker CL 190
The swift cutting head at a great price
Woodcracker CS
The grapple saw with oscillatingly suspended saw unit for tree fellings due to safety reasons
Woodcracker L
The compact wood splitter to split thick trunks.
Woodcracker W
The wood splitting tongs to split thick trunks.
Woodcracker S
The root stock device for ground-flush cutting and preparation of root stocks.
Woodcracker R
The root stock clearing device for harvest and preparation of biomass from root stocks.
Woodcracker G
The clearing rake to prepare tree cuts and materials on the forest floor.
Telekinematik Woodcracker
Woodcracker TK
The connection point to harvester, teleskopic crane and material handler.
The mower with a blower for rough terrain
The MULCHER excavator attachment for professional green care