Woodcracker W

The wood splitting tongs to split thick trunks.

The compact wood splitter to split thick trunks.

Application Areas

  • Splitting thick wood trunks with minimal effort
  • Can be used in all harvest and processing methods of strong wood
  • Pre-splitting of wood allows a natural drying process
  • Splitting tongs can be used as a gripper
Key Facts


Woodcracker W: the premium wood splitting tongs with the patented roller system, available in 5 machine sizes.

  • Versatile mounting possibilities from the tractor to the excavator
  • Sturdy, proven technology – low-service and low-wear
  • Available in 5 machine sizes
  • Endless turning rotator available as optional equipment
  • Autospeed allows for a higher split capacity
  • The rotator makes the splitting tongs flexible in application
  • Patented roller system reduces the friction resistance and thereby minimises the force exerted
  • The opening width does not determine the splittable diameter but only the largest end piece
  • Easy supply of the pre-split material in chippers
  • Pre-splitting wood allows a natural drying process and as a result an increase in biomass quality and energy yield
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