Woodcracker CS

The grapple saw with oscillatingly suspended saw unit for tree fellings due to safety reasons.

The efficient cutting head for harvesting trees and bushes.

The flexible cutting head for the harvest of bushes and small trees as well as for land clearing.

The swift cutting head at a great price.

Application Areas

  • Harvest of very strong wood
  • Safe removal of trees in segments
  • Harvest of tree trunks
  • In rough terrain, hill areas and swamplands
  • Maintenance work along traffic roads and routes
  • Tree felling due to safety reasons
Key Facts CS


The rigid mounting of the Woodcracker® CS 780 to the excavator makes it possible to withdraw parts of the tree vertically from its setting. In this way, trees or objects nearby are not damaged – perfect for fellings due to safety reasons.

  • Saw unit as cutting device is oscillatingly suspended
  • Tiltfunction of cutting device avoids clamping of the saw
  • Two strong and independent gripper parts for a safe manipulation of the wood
  • Cutting diametre up to 75cm
  • Application area: felling due to safety reasons
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Technical Data

CS 580 smartCS 580CS 780
Cutting diametre (mm)580580750
Gripper opening (mm)128014301600
Tiltatorendless rotatableendless rotatableendless rotatable
Weight (fully equipped) (kg)800 – 9001400 – 15002000 – 2200
Recommended pump flow capacity (l/min.) *50 – 80110 – 150140 – 170
Recommended pump flow capacity for optional functions (l/min.) *50 – 7050 – 70
Recommended operating pressure (bar)200 – 280280280
Service weight of carrier vehicle ** (t)10 – 2014 – 2220 – 28
Tilt function for cutting processautomaticallyautomatically
Saw unitactive suspendedactive suspendedactive suspended
Chain lubrication of sawgreasegreasegrease
Option Power Tiltator

■ Available | – Not available
* Depending on operating mode or equipment. | ** Depending on specifications of the operation vehicle.
Technical modifications and figures are not binding. Subject to changes for reasons of further development.

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